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Custom Backlit Signs & Graphics

Our backlit graphics feature deep, rich blacks with bright, vivid colors!
Say NO to washed out backlits!

We offer high definition, full color printed backlit signage of all kinds, up to 5' x 10', printed using our UV curable flatbed press. Backlit graphics can be printed on a variety of materials, both flexible and rigid, to suit any application.

Flexible Backlit Graphics

Flexible backlit graphics can be printed at a variety of thicknesses for different uses. Backlit graphics that fit into curved frames need to be printed on a material thick enough to stand up in the sign frame without sagging. Graphics that will be sandwiched between two pieces of plexi can be printed most economically on a thinner substrate. We have many options available to tailor the thickness and appearance of your flexible backlit graphics to your particular use.

Rigid Backlit Graphics

Rigid backlit graphics can be printed on a variety of different materials and thicknesses for differing applications. Rigid backlit graphics are typically printed "2nd surface," or on the back side of the substrate so the image is viewed through the material. Because the printed surface is not exposed after the graphic is installed, this printing method protects your graphic print from the elements and vandalism.


We offer a wide range of lightboxes and lighted sign stands to display your beautiful backlit prints.

Backlit graphic pricing varies widely depending on materials and quantities.
Please call 800.697.4670 or email us for an accurate, competitive price quote.

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