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Printing On Polycarbonate

We offer high definition, full-color printing on polycarbonate sheets, up to 5' x 10', printed on our UV curable flatbed press. Polycarbonate is available in a range of thicknesses, colors and in a textured version to meet a wide range of graphic and architectural design needs. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and much stronger than other transparent sheet materials at the same thicknesses. Give one of our printing professionals a call at 800.697.4670 or email to get started.


Polycarbonate is a popular choice for producing both front-lit and backlit printed graphic panels and signage and is also used in architectural and interior design. Popular applications for printed polycarbonate panels include backlit signage and displays; point of purchase and retail displays; custom interior design panels and more.


We can print up to a 5' x 10' sheet of polycarbonate, single-sided or double-sided. Clear sheets can be printed either "first surface" (on top) or "second surface" (in reverse from the back side) for a beautiful look for front-lit or backlit graphics. Polycarbonate sheets are available in a large variety of thicknesses up to 1/2", colors including white, black and various tints, and smooth and pebbled textures.

Printed polycarbonate pricing varies widely depending on materials and quantities.
Please call 800.697.4670 or email us for an accurate, competitive price quote.

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