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Custom 3D Dimensional Lettering

Draw attention to your business by using our 3D dimensional lettering for your retail business sign. Custom 3D Dimensional lettering is ideal for business signage and other outdoor signage uses because of its durability and visibility. Made out of metal, plastic, wood, or foam, dimensional lettering can be used indoors, outdoors, or both for maximum effect. These letters are custom made to any size, shape, or color and are guaranteed to promote an image of competence and professionalism (check out our photo gallery below for examples). Dimensional lettering can be completed either by sending us your print ready artwork or by letting our team of expert designers create a graphic for you.

We even offer a selection of quick ship templated 3D lettering constructed of ½" thick black UltraBoard™ with your choice of either a full color printed face or a silver, gold, or bronze brushed metal surface finish that you can install yourself in minutes!

How to install our dimensional letters:

When you receive dimensional letters from us they are already pre loaded in an installation template. Place the graphic on the wall and when the included bubble level is centered make two pencil marks. Remove the adhesive tabs on the back of the letters and firmly place the template on the wall. Pull the outer template away and press gently on each letter to make sure it is attached to the wall. It really is just that easy!

Give our display professionals a call today at 800.697.4670, request a custom lettering quote, or email to get more details or to place an order. 

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Customer Project Photo Gallery

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3D Lettering FAQ

I have just purchased a new office and need to put my logo on the exterior and interior of the building. Are your dimensional letters suitable for both applications?

Our custom dimensional letters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These letters are very durable and look extremely professional. We are able to custom die cut your letters to any shape and size out of plastic, metal, foam, or acrylic. These permanent indoor and outdoor signs show your corporate identity and also extenuate your lobby, receptionist area, or board room.

Can your 3D dimensional letters be applied to the outside of tradeshow or exhibit booths?

Yes, our dimensional lettering can be applied to the exterior of tradeshow or exhibit booths. Our do it yourself template makes applying these letters extremely easy, and can simply be done with one person. We create our dimensional letters out of a variety of products including acrylic, dibond, foamcore, and gatorboard to create an upscale image for the outside of your booth.

I would like to install dimensional letters in my conference room. Is this something I can do myself?

Yes we make installing dimensional letters as easy as riding a bicycle. With the DIY template, find the location you want to place the print, remove the adhesive backing, place the graphic on the wall, and finally remove the template. This DIY template took what used to be an hours-long process and turned it into minutes. Your graphic can be applied to your wall within minutes of receiving the dimensional letters.