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Xpressions SNAP™ Fabric Pop-Up Exhibits

Xpressions SNAP Display

Set up in seconds – make a lasting impression! Xpressions SNAP™ pop-up trade show exhibits really grab attention with their unique 3D look. Even better is the instant setup and the low long-term cost of owning these pop-up exhibit displays. Dye-sub graphics on these Xpressions SNAP displays are machine washable and can be changed individually for economical graphic updates.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Durable aluminum frame sets up in seconds.
  • Smaller graphics allow use of wider range of images
  • Recycled fabric graphic option
  • Available in black or silver finish.
  • Quantity discounts available

Give one of our display professionals a call at 800.697.4670, fill out our information request form, or email for more information on our fabric pop-up display systems.


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Diagonal Configurations (Pyramid and 'X')

Accessories & Replacement Parts

All Xpressions SNAP™ Fabric Popup Displays (165)

Ten great reasons Xpressions SNAP™ is the ultimate 3-D branding tool!

  1. 1. Versatility - One display can be used for many purposes: tradeshows, media presentations, retail showrooms, sporting events, fundraisers, corporate meetings, etc. Add lights and/or shelves to further enhance your pop-up exhibit display.
  2. 2. Unique - Xpressions SNAP creates unparalleled visual impact with its one-of-a-kind 3D look. Virtually infinite design configurations make your display original! Choose from 12 dynamic structure designs in your choice of black or silver finish and dozens of possible graphic configurations.
  3. 3. Three Dimensional - The intricate weaving and twisting of the graphics between the front and rear planes of the pop-up exhibit display creates a 3-D environment with real visual impact. The wide variety of available graphic shapes adds to this impact. The simple frame construction also allows for unlimited design possibilities!
  4. 4. Changeable Graphics - Quickly and inexpensively transform your display into a completely new look with affordable replacement graphics. Installing new graphics is as simple as buttoning your shirt.
  5. 5. Lightweight - Extremely lightweight and compact, Xpressions SNAP is one of the easiest displays on the market to carry with you wherever you need to go.
  6. 6. Instant Setup - Pre-attached graphics make setup a snap! Strong magnetic connectors 'snap' together, locking the frame automatically in position in just seconds. Take down is just as easy!
  7. 7. Durable - Xpressions SNAP fabric graphics can't be scratched or dented, and are completely machine washable. The frame carries a lifetime guarantee.
  8. 8. Graphic Quality - Graphics for Xpressions SNAP are permanent dye sublimation prints on a durable, stretchy fabric. Dye sublimation printing offers fantastic color saturation and life-like skin tones, achieving unparalleled image quality. The fabric is flame-retardant and carries the U.S.- NFPA 701 fire rating.
  9. 9. Millions of Images Available - The small size of the individual fabric graphic 'skins' removes many of the resolution limitations of large format artwork. Millions of publicly available images makes finding the perfect art to convey your message easier than ever!
  10. 10. Low Ownership Cost - Labor, shipping, drayage, storage and graphic replacement costs are lower with Xpressions Snap than most other displays.

Give one of our display professionals a call at 800.697.4670, fill out our information request form, or email for more information on our pop-up display systems.