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Your Image on Your Floor

This is the most fun flooring material imaginable! You and your organization will be proud of the beautiful impression that your custom printed floor makes on everyone who sees it. Permanent or temporary, G-Floor BILD is the fun solution that gives any environment a serious upgrade!


You don't have to scroll through countless pages of flooring design samples. Imagine, create and let us print the exact image you want on your floor. G-Floor BILD is an awesome final touch to make your installation complete, whether you're designing a new environment or upgrading an existing space.

Your Image is Armor Plated

Your printed image is perfectly protected by this innovative flooring. The actual printed surface is never stepped upon because it is printed on the “second surface” (the back side) of the material! Long-term/permanent installation is easy, using standard acrylic-based adhesive just like any commercial vinyl flooring product. Shorter term installation can be done with double stick tape. Either way, your printed image is permanently “armor plated” under 75mil of clear vinyl!

Great for Permanently Installed Flooring in:

  • Museums
  • Sports Arenas
  • Hospital Lobbies
  • Man Caves
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Retail Stores
  • Healthcare Themed Room Continuity
  • Campus Buildings
  • Themed and Immersive Environments
  • Replacement for VCT Tiles or Sections of Tiles
  • Themed Entertainment Attractions

Have a flooring project you'd like to discuss? Give one of our team a call at 800.697.4670 or click here to email us to get more information about G-Floor BILD Graphic or our other flooring options.

Other Great Uses for G-Floor BILD Floor Graphics

  • Long-Term Wayfinding and Promotional Graphics
  • Attracting Attention to Any Floor-Standing Display
  • Building Brand Awareness Using Un-Utilized Floor Real Estate
  • Moveable Floor Mats for Any Application
  • Trade Shows, Counter Tops, Movie Theaters, Museums, Mouse Pads, Locker Rooms, Car Shows, Convention Centers, Man Caves, Bars, Restaurants, Events, Chair Mats, Table Tops, POP Displays, Sports Arenas, Stages, Studios, Retail Displays... the list goes on and on!

Better Floor Graphics

Are you wanting a better promotional floor graphic? One that really lasts, one that can be cleaned, one that can even be picked up and placed somewhere else? G-Floor BILD custom printed graphic flooring is the truly unique, one-of-a-kind solution that delivers what no other floor graphic can. The bottom line – floor graphics made with G-Floor BILD far outlast and outperform any floor graphic material and laminate combination on the market. If you've been frustrated with the performance of your floor graphics, this is finally the answer!

G-Floor BILD Texture

About the Material

G-Floor BILD for flooring and permanent installations is available in a clear 75 mil thickness that features a slightly textured surface. For smaller premium-grade adhesive floor graphics, counter mats, and similar applications, there is a 35 mil thick version available.

Why Is It Different?


G-Floor BILD Graphic is 100% solid polyvinyl, unlike typical vinyl flooring that uses a thin layer of vinyl with cheap fillers and layers of lower quality materials that weaken the structure and reduce durability. Clear G-Floor BILD Graphic material is printed on the “2nd Surface”, i.e. the bottom side, so the print is viewed through the flooring, completely protecting the print side of the material from damage.


Because G-Floor BILD is first and foremost a true commercial flooring product, it passes every safety standard applicable to commercial flooring, so you can be confident you're installing a product that is safe and will perform in your commercial application.


It's also amazingly versatile, with two thicknesses and a variety of textures, G-Floor BILD Graphic excels in a variety of uses. Along with the most demanding floor graphic applications, G-Floor BILD is perfect for counter mats, wall graphics, permanent graphic floor installations, portable floors for stage and studio, retail/POP displays, trade show and event floors, and so on – the possibilities are endless!

G-Floor BILD Graphic Accessories

A range of accessories area available to add to the versatility of G-Floor BILD. Adhesives for temporary and permanent installations, transitions and edging pieces, finish coatings and more are available to make G-Floor BILD work perfectly for your application.

G-Floor BILD Maintenance/Cleaning Information:

G-Floor BILD printed floor pricing varies widely depending on materials and quantities.

Please call 800.697.4670 or email us for an accurate, competitive price quote.

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