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Printing On Lexan™

We offer high definition, full-color printing on Lexan™ and other polycarbonate sheets, up to 5' x 10', printed on our UV curable flatbed press. Lexan™ is available in a range of thicknesses, colors and in a textured version to meet a wide range of graphic and architectural design needs. Lexan™ is virtually unbreakable and much stronger than other transparent sheet materials at the same thicknesses. Give one of our printing professionals a call at 800.697.4670 or email to get started.


Lexan™ is a popular choice for producing both front-lit and backlit printed graphic panels and signage and is also used in architectural and interior design. Popular applications for printed Lexan™ panels include backlit signage and displays; point of purchase and retail displays; custom interior design panels and more.


We can print up to a 5' x 10' sheet of Lexan™, single-sided or double-sided. Clear sheets can be printed either "first surface" (on top) or "second surface" (in reverse from the back side) for a beautiful look for front-lit or backlit graphics. Lexan™ sheets are available in a large variety of thicknesses up to 1/2", colors including white, black and various tints, and smooth and pebbled textures.