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Tension Fabric Exhibit Display Systems for Trade Shows and Events

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Tension Fabric Displays for Trade Shows, Events, Promotions and More

Tension fabric displays are the modern solution for easy, affordable promotion of your brand at trade shows, events, conferences, presentations and more. Simple, functional hardware designs and zippered fabric graphics make our fabric displays super-easy to use, and among the nicest looking, most versatile and lowest cost exhibit solutions available today.

Fabric displays are typically a superior solution because they offer an unmatchable combination of ease of use, appearance, and affordability. There are many types of tension fabric display systems, but almost all feature easy assembly and functional designs that pull your fabric graphics perfectly taut for a crisp, solid appearance at a fraction of the weight and complexity of traditional exhibit systems.

We offer an array of shapes and sizes of tension fabric displays for use in any size trade show booth — from 10x10 exhibits all the way up through the largest of island displays. Whether used as the main display element of your event, or as a beautiful enhancement, tension fabric brings true value to modern exhibitor and brand promoters.

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Snap-Tube™ Fabric Display Walls

Snap-Tube™ tension fabric displays are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and give you a wrinkle-free, professional look at a low cost. Zippered fabric graphics slip over simple tube frames and zip up quickly, pulling your graphic taut for a smooth, professional appearance.

Helium™ Hanging Fabric Signs

Tension fabric is also the perfect solution for hanging signs. Lightweight aluminum tube frames and tension fabric graphics are the industry standard for fabric hanging signs of almost any shape and size. From our standard available shapes, to custom hanging structures of any kind, we have a solution for your hanging fabric sign needs.

SEG Fabric Frames and Displays

SEG (silicone edge graphic) frames make beautiful, super-sharp looking displays for retail, exhibits, institutions and more. SEG frames feature fabric graphics that have a simple silicone strip (called keder) sewn into their edge that allow them to be easily inserted into a matching frame, pulling the graphic perfectly smooth and tight. SEG fabric display frames are available for wall hanging, ceiling hanging, and floor standing applications of all kinds. They can be single-sided, double-sided, and even backlit with efficient LED lighting for extra impact. In addition to a wide variety of pre-designed solutions, SEG display frames can be custom designed and configured to create everything from small, simple structures to large, elaborate exhibits.

Specialty Tension Fabric Display Shapes

We produce fabric displays in a variety of shapes for almost any use — including walls, dividers, conference rooms, columns, closets, arches, cylinders, kiosks and more. It's easy to combine different structures in your space to build a flexible display system that adapts to any booth size and has the attention-getting appearance that attracts people to your message.

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