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Fabric Display Graphics

beautifulDISPLAYS is your source for custom fabric displays and fabric exhibit products. Save money and buy with the extra confidence of knowing you're working directly with professionals.

Whether you need fabric graphics for a trade show, event, installation — or anything else, give one of our display graphics professionals a call at 800.697.4670, fill out our information request form, or email to discuss the exciting possibilities and applications of fabric.


Fabric Graphics and Displays

All of these exhibits feature beautiful dye-sublimated fabric graphics

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Fabric Graphic Displays from our Name Brand Partners

In addition to our own display products, we also offer a wide range of name brand fabric exhibits at highly competitive prices.


Why Choose Full Color Dye-Sublimated Fabric Graphics?

Dye-sub printing offers the best combination of vivid color, superb resolution, and excellent durability. Fabric graphics are also much lighter in weight and more durable than laminated, rigid, or vinyl graphics, offering significant cost savings in both the short and long-term.

Most of the fabrics we use are machine washable and can be ironed or steamed to reduce wrinkles. In short, dye-sub fabric graphics offer a combination of impact, versatility, durability and affordability unmatched by other display graphic production techniques.

  • Impact — Fabric graphics are sexy and inviting. The combination of vivid full color printing with the inherent soft, friendly feel of fabric creates a very inviting exhibit environment. The availability of different weights and styles of fabric allows you the flexibility to create the exact look that complements your message.
  • Versatility — Full color dye-sub fabric graphics can be integrated with a huge array of exhibit types: truss exhibits, banner stands, hanging fabric structures, floor standing fabric structures, POP displays, table covers and drape systems, fabric pop-ups and more can all take advantage of the benefits of fabric graphics. We offer a wide range of fabrics from canvas to sheer in various knits and weaves to satisfy virtually any custom situation. Additionally, we know the proper finishing techniques to suit any need — grommets, rod pockets, velcro, hemmed or plain heat cut edges.
  • Durability & Practicality — Most of the fabrics we use are machine washable, dryable, and can be ironed or steamed to reduce wrinkles. Fabric graphics are light in weight, durable and easy to handle, store, ship and install.
  • Affordability — Fabric graphics are very affordable in both the short and long term. Fabric graphics are also much lighter weight and smaller to ship compared to traditional detachable trade show graphics or large format vinyl graphics and can easily save you 25-40% or more compared to traditional trade show graphics over their lifespan.

We offer dye sublimated fabric graphics for the following uses

Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Dye-Sublimated Fabric Graphics

  • Fire Resistance

    Fabrics in general and dye-sublimated fabric graphics are not fire resistant by nature and must undergo chemical treatment to make them so. Fabrics used for display, exhibit and event purposes should always be fire treated. We only sell fire resistant treated fabrics to ensure the safety of our products and to satisfy all exhibit hall regulations. We can provide a Fire Rating Certificate upon request. Insist on fire rated fabrics for your exhibit or installation!

  • Seamed vs. Unseamed Fabric Graphics

    Like any printing technique, Dye-sub fabric printing has some size limitations. When a large graphic is required, we have the ability to sew smaller sections of fabric together to make a much larger whole. Though most of our displays use graphic sizes that are available without seams for the cleanest possible look, they are often purchased with seamed graphics to aid in reducing overall display costs. Seamed graphics offer a lower per square foot cost than their unseamed counterparts and each seam is professionally sewn and positioned for minimum visibility.

  • Fabric Graphics and Wrinkles

    While all fabrics wrinkle, knit fabrics generally offer the best wrinkle fighting characteristics, while woven fabrics tend to wrinkle a little more. For most display purposes we recommend using knit fabrics and carrying a hand steamer to your events to lessen any wrinkles that may have developed. Woven fabrics can be appropriate for many uses and can also be steamed or ironed to reduce wrinkles. Additionally, careful packing of fabric graphics can help greatly in keeping wrinkles to a minimum. We offer a range of knit and woven fabrics to suit any requirement.

  • Fabric Weights and Finishes

    Fabrics for dye-sub printing are available in a number of finishes and weights - from sheer to opaque, shiny to matte, canvas-like to soft and silky, single and double-sided. Fabric graphic based trade show displays can be designed to create a unique feeling by creatively using the fabric's characteristics as part of the overall design.

Give one of our display professionals a call today at 800.697.4670, fill out our information request form, or email to discuss your dye-sub fabric graphic needs.