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Aluminum Truss Display Systems

Our truss displays are designed with premium Nimlok® brand aluminum truss. We also offer select truss kits available for rent.

Give us a call at 800.697.4670 and speak to a real person, with real experience and knowledge, who can help you with your turss project. We would love to hear your voice, but you can also reach us by clicking here to send us an email.

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Truss Display Systems

Beautiful Displays is excited to offer innovative truss trade show display systems designed to accommodate any exhibiting requirement — trade shows, events, showrooms, lobbies and more. Aluminum truss displays manufactured by Nimlok® offer incredible flexibility and portability, integrating easily with graphics, counters, shelving and other accessories.

These triangular aluminum truss components are heavy duty and attractive, yet very lightweight and portable. Along with our most popular pre-designed solutions, we offer several other types of aluminum and steel truss for exhibits, events and virtually any other use.

Give one of our truss professionals a call at 800.697.4670 or click here to email us for more information on our trade show truss booths.

What's So Cool About Trade Show Truss Displays and Exhibits?

There’s no denying it. Truss is cool. It looks awesome and is exceptionally functional. Better yet, truss display systems can be a very cost-effective choice while providing the exhibitor with a truly upscale look. But how do you get the most value for your buck?

There are several things to consider when purchasing a trade show truss display or other truss exhibit. Do you need a structurally strong truss design to hold up a plasma screen, video projector or other heavy item? Or is your truss purely decorative? What other items would you like to attach to your truss design – shelves, lighting, literature racks? How often do you exhibit and what are your setup requirements?

Much like purchasing any new exhibit system, the decision to buy a truss display should come after careful analysis of your specific marketing requirements and desires. What’s great about truss displays is their versatility and adaptability, often allowing for easy reconfiguration and expansion.

Beautiful Displays offers a wide range of truss products for trade shows, events, showrooms, lobbies and more. Considering the following features and benefits of each of our lines of truss should be helpful in your decision making process. Please give one of our display professionals a call at 800.697.4670 or click here to email us for assistance.

Nimlok® Trilok Triangular Aluminum Truss System

Nimlok’s Trilok welded aluminum truss system is a leader in the exhibit industry. Made from 30mm (also available in 50mm) polished aluminum tubing, Trilok systems work great as standalone exhibits or can be fully integrated into a wide range of Nimlok® display products. We have many pre-designed truss kits available and can quickly create new custom designs to suit your needs. Trilok is lightweight, durable and strong and makes an excellent structure for attaching counters, plasmas, projectors, computers and other accessories.

Nimlok® Duolok Two-Tube Aluminum Truss System

Nimlok’s Duolok welded two-tube aluminum truss system is unique in the trade show truss market. Like Trilok, it’s made from 30mm (also available in 50mm) polished aluminum tubing. Duolok systems also work well as standalone trade show truss booths or can be integrated into the full range of Nimlok® products. Duolok is extremely lightweight, though not as strong Trilok’s triangular truss design, Duolok is still a good structure for attaching accessories when designed accordingly. Please call one or our truss professionals at 800.697.4670 or click here to email us for more information on Duolok.

Nimlok® Nimtruss Folding Box Truss System (discontinued)

Nimtruss is a decorative and structurally sound alternative to traditional trussing. It’s folding design allows for efficient nested packing and it’s simple thumbscrew assembly makes setup easy. Nimtruss folding truss also easily integrates with virtually any other Nimlok® system and it’s simple box truss design allows for easy reconfiguration of components. Of course, counters, plasma mounts and other accessories are available to maximize functionality.