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Custom Printed Wall Murals

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At beautifulDISPLAYS we make unique, temporary custom wall murals. You won't find these anywhere else. Don't even consider a pre-printed mural. You tell us the size of your wall, and we will create your custom mural to fit your space perfectly. Custom wall murals are perfect for blank walls in your office or conference room that need a little decorating. Your mural will look stunning, but will still maintain a look of professionalism in your office. Your mural can either be attached directly to the wall or mounted to a substrate to give the appearance of a wall.

Our temporary wall murals are printed with such precision and quality that they appear to be painted on. The low adhesive material used allows you to remove the mural at any time without leaving behind residue. Whether it's in your home or office, our custom wall murals will impress clients and friends. We stock a unique range of materials, from temporary low adhesive wall murals to fire retardant textured surfaces, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Give our printing professionals a call today at 800.697.4670, request a custom wall mural quote, or email to get more details or to place an order. 

Wall Murals Photo Gallery

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Wall Mural FAQ

Can I hang wall murals myself?

It's entirely possible to install these adhesive panels yourself. Though it is not a particularly difficult task, it can be time consuming when done properly and depending upon the size of your image. Keep in mind that any damage to the vinyl that may occur during self-installation is not covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee. Many people choose to have our installations team take care of the process not only for the professional quality results, but for the saved time and peace of mind.

What type of wall surface do I need to have?

For best results, wall murals work best on completely smooth walls painted with a satin or semigloss finish. This ensures that the vinyl itself remains smooth, has good contact with the wall, and is relatively easy to remove. While it's entirely possible to apply temporary wall adhesive to textured surfaces, but this generally requires a different type of material and professional installation. Take a look at our gallery — we've even installed wall murals on concrete and brick! Give us a call for more information if you have an uneven or textured wall.

Can I clean a wall mural?

The wall vinyl and print are both completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge or mild soap and water. Cleaning with harsh chemicals may cause bubbling or warping of the vinyl. Excessive scrubbing or abrasive cleaners may scratch the print. To further protect your image from scratches and scuffs, give us a call and ask about our lamination options.

Can I install a wall mural in a high-moisture area, like a bathroom?

Of course you can! Our wall murals are waterproof and will withstand humidity and moderate direct exposure to water. The wall must be completely dry prior to installation to ensure that mold does not grow in the wall underneath the vinyl.

What kind of images should I submit for a custom wallpaper decal?

Really, we can do any image, as long as you're comfortable with the quality of the print. We say that because some images don't enlarge very well. Here are some rules of thumb to help you decide what image to submit:

  • Smartphone photos generally don't make very good murals. If your photos were taken while on a high resolution/HDR function, that can sometimes work.
  • Photos taken with a 6 megapixel or higher digital camera enlarge well.
  • We CAN generate murals from printed photos to a certain extent. Printed photos that are smaller than 8 in. x 10 in. usually cannot be scanned at a high enough resolution for a full wall mural. They may be large enough if you're looking for a wall graphic that's a bit smaller.
  • We work with most file types, but AI and EPS are our personal favorites. Vectorized images are pretty awesome as well.
  • Files for digital images should be at least 500 KB for full wall application. Whether you're ordering something large or small, the image should be at a resolution of at least 100 dpi.

Are your murals child safe?

Our wall graphics are printed onto smooth PEVA (a non-PVC vinyl commonly used in plastic wrap and pacifiers) with nontoxic soy-based inks. If you're asking whether our materials will harm your child, the answer is “no” — if you're asking if your child will harm the graphics, however...?